Porträt einer Taschenuhr

“Porträt einer Taschenuhr”  - translates as “Portrait of a Pocket Watch”, by Helmut Mann, published by Callwey Verlag, Munich, 1981. The book is 25cm by 19cm and contains 72 pages.

I understand, that this book, like “IWC – Uhren” by Reinhard Meis is only available in German.

The book traces the manufacture of the IWC pocket watch and includes detailed technical descriptions of all components, with the Calibre 972 used as the example. It does not give details of specific calibres.

Some of the technical descriptions will give your German/English dictionary a thorough workout.


There are thirty-eight black and white illustrations, two colour illustrations and five colour photos.

The book is a useful addition to those interested in IWC’s pocket watches and a good companion to “Grand Complication” by Fritz, which focuses on the development and manufacture of the Calibre 3770 wristwatch.

Now, I have a good incentive to learn German.

Greg Steer - June 2001


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