Trivia Quiz

1) In 1998 IWC produced a limited run of 200 watches with either EF or GL on the dial. The differences between the two were:
    a) EF was for the French market and GL was for the Italian market
    b) EF had a stainless steel case and the GL had a titanium case
    c) EF had no date indicator and GL had a date indicator
    d) EF has a display back and the GL did not.

2) The Ref 3713 Doppelchronograph was launched in:
    a) 1991
    b) 1992
    c) 1993
    d) 1994

3) Rodriguez and Teixera are known as:
    a) The Brazilian distributors for IWC
    b) The designers of the minute repeater for the Grand Complication
    c) The Portuguese business men who requested the Portuguese watch
    d) The pilots of the JU-52 on its flight around the world.

4) The Novecento Ref. 3545 contains which one of the following base movements:
    a) JLC 960
    b) F Piquet 953
    c) JLC 822
    d) JLC 849

5) The Calibre 8541 had an oscillation frequency of:
    a) 18,000 bph
    b) 19,800 bph
    c) 21,600 bph
    d) 28,800 bph

6)  The automatic Calibre 81 that proceeded the Calibre 85 had a:
    a) Centre seconds hand
    b) Small seconds hand

7) The Da Vinci automatic chronograph with perpetual calendar was launched in:
    a) 1985
    b) 1988
    c) 1990
    d) 1993

8) The Pellaton winding system winds in
    a) A single direction
    b) Both directions

9) The following watch (the name has been removed from the dial) was made by IWC for:

    a) Chanel
    b) Cartier
    c) Louis Vuitton
    d) Dunhill

10) Florentine Ariosto Jones’ elder brother Greenleaf C. Jones was generally known as:
    a) Charles
    b) Grin
    c) Hutch
    d) Joseph

Answers can be dropped into the cellar in the following format, question number and letter, eg 11a, 12b, 13c etc

Cheers from the cellar.


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