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Wrist Watch Mk 11, G6B/346 in the Royal Australian Air Force

RAAF Mk 11 - Improved Glass and Sweep Second Hand

RAAF Mk 11 - Improved Pendent Sealing

RAAF Jaeger-LeCoultre - First Series

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Not a watch but a G6B/145 Computer Navigational Mk. III D

Man is not lost - an Account of the Mk 11 Navigational Wristwatch and
Man is (Still) Not Lost - Revisiting the Mark 11 Navigational Wristwatch


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Phil Gore at Ferntree Gully Watch and Clock Co.

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IWC Mark X dials marked W10/445-5890

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Navigatorís Mk 11 Wristwatch Tracking Page

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The watch on the right is my ex RAAF International Watch Company Mark 11 with an IWC band and buckle. This is the non-stitched IWC band (code IWA00295, but both stitched and non-stitched may have the same number so check/specify when ordering) and I think it's a perfect match for the watch. At the same time I ordered an IWC 16mm stainless steel buckle (IWA01926) and the brushed finish complements the stainless steel Mark XI case nicely.